Whistleblowing Reports

Whistleblowing Reports Received (Including Anonimously) by Eni and by Its Subsidiaries in Italy and Abroad

Eni allows anyone – employee or third party – to submit a report, even confidentially and anonymously, on issues of internal control or other issues that violate the Code of Ethics. Such matters might include non-compliance with the law or external regulations, company rules and procedures, the fraudulent or illicit use of company assets and corporate information, administrative liability, so-called “mobbing”, harassment or conflicts related to personnel management.

The rules governing this area are contained in the ruling “Whistleblowing Reports received (including anonymously) by Eni and by its subsidiaries in Italy and abroad”, firstly adopted by TTPC on February 28, 2013 and subsequently updated until the new version adopted by Board of Directors resolution on June 22, 2020.

  • Whistleblowing Reports Received (Including Anonimously) by Eni